上海beat365唯一官网(太平洋)有限公司官网汽车科技股份有限公司(曾用名:上海柴油机股份有限公司、上海柴油机厂,上海吴淞机器厂等),始建于1 9 4 7年,现隶属于上汽集团,1 9 9 3年改制为在上交所发行AB股的国有控股公司。



公司坚持“实施名牌战略、培育质量文化、追求质量效益、保证顾客满意”的质量方针,践行“加强系统策划,倡导环境友好;履行合规义务,全面预防污染;推行清洁生产,坚持资源节约;贯彻持续改进,追求绿色发展”的环境方针。在7 0多年的发展征程中,公司以卓越的品质、周到的服务,惠及全球用户,成为价值创造的典范。


A B O U T  S D E C

Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (previously known as Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory, Shanghai Wusong Machine Factory etc.), was founded in 1947 and is now affiliated with SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor). In 1993, it was restructured into a state-owned holding company that issues A and B shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In 2021,a new pattern of integrated development of our two major industrial sectors of "heavy truck and diesel engine" was realized by the implementation of major asset restructuring. Regarding the heavy-duty truck business, we have actively deployed smart heavy-duty trucks and new energy heavy-duty trucks via the wholly-owned SAIC Hongyan Automotive Co., Ltd., in order to establish a leading enterprise in the field of commercial heavy-duty trucks. Furthermore, we are devoted to the innovation in new energy, intelligent driving, intelligent networking and other technical fields to play a leading role in intelligent heavy trucks and new energy heavy trucks.

The diesel engine business will keep its developing orientation as a leading independent supplier of wide power range and multiple application fields in China, constantly broadening the product family and expanding new market segments with the aim for further enhancing the differentiated competitive advantages of products in new energy and intelligent networking, ultimately to provide cutting-edge and tech-leading products for commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, small and medium-sized ships and electrical generator sets at home and abroad. 

We possess a nationally certified enterprise technology center and a postdoctoral workstation, as well as a quality management system aligned to the standard of passenger cars and advanced automated and digital production lines. In addition, we step up efforts to promote the construction of smart factories.

What we are all along adhering to is the quality principle of implementing brand strategy, cultivating quality culture, pursuing quality effectiveness and ensuring customer satisfaction. Also, we never stop carrying out the environmental policy of enhancing systematic planning, advocating environmental friendliness, fulfilling compliance obligations, comprehensively preventing pollution, promoting clean production, and insisting on resource conservation, implementing continuous improvement and going for green development. Over the past more than 70 years of development, with excellent quality and considerate service, we have been of great benefit to global customers and have become a model of value creation.

The intelligent new power creates a brilliant life.

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